Give Credit Where It is Due

... Theft?? Sign up for a FREE Credit Monitoring Service! - Savior CentsAs a responsible, tax-paying citizen, I pride myself on being financially intelligent. I am very good at saving money. I am able to control myself when I go shopping at various stories. Unlike my wife, I am not an impulse shopper. My mind is not easily fooled by the hypnotic advertisements of vendors. When she sees ads in the paper or in the stores, she loses all control. One thing that I made sure to do is have good credit. It is very important to maintain a high credit score. The use of a credit monitoring service is very common in today’s world. If you have bad credit, it could have negative effects on your life. It is important that people know their credit scores. Two of my friends found out the hard way.

My friend Tommy had problems with his credit score. When he was seventeen years old, he qualified for a credit card.

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