Why a Payday Loan Was Appropriate for Us

Sometimes things can happen where you absolutely need more money than your paycheck brought in. It can happen to wage workers, especially ones with children. You work and work living from paycheck to paycheck. You walk a fine line of planning for things including buying groceries and paying the rent. Then there seems to always be those one or two times a year that your pay was stretched so thin on your budget, and something else pops up requiring immediate attention. It might be anything from a motor vehicle repair to child needs. I went to dailypayday.co.uk when we needed money right away for an expensive medication our dog needs. Our pup is like our child to us.

He had a few seizures that were frightening to us. We paid for the veterinary visit and testing, and he needed a compounded medication in liquid form that had to be mixed by hand at a special pharmacy. It was not cheap, and we were literally out of money paying for the visit to the animal doctor. You make a commitment to pets, and you follow through when they are in need. I went and got a payday type of loan to cover the initial filling of that prescription. We planned on cutting some corners and working a bit of overtime to keep getting it refilled. However, for this time, we had no money in our account to pay for it. We needed to get one of those short-term loans based on your job.

Everyone knows the interest is high. It plainly states it on the front page of the website. However, I am happy they were there to get us the money so fast so we could get the medication. It was not safe to wait for two whole weeks until our next paycheck to pay for it. Plus, since we were out of money due to the doctor visit, we needed sundries to get us through. This payday loan was necessary and it worked for us.

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